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What software are you using to run the forums?
The forums were written by myself, Poster. Nothing was downloaded, nothing was purchased. The forums are PHP/MySQL based.

Where can I find a list of current smilies?
Right over here.

Can I curse here?

What if cursing offends me?
Turn on the profanity filter in the user control panel. You'll need to be registered to do so.

Why does <random feature> not work? That feature is on every other message board I've ever visited!
Because these forums were written from scratch. This is not a finished product. If you desire a feature, feel free to post in the "New Improvements" thread stickied at the top of the Thrasher forum.

When will <random feature> be included?
I don't know. Depending upon the importance of the feature, and my amount of free time, anytime between this afternoon and just after rapture.

What's the deal with having to choose whether or not a thread is off-topic? Why not just create a new forum for all off-topic threads?

Can I be a moderator of my team's forum?
Possibly. Currently, only the Thrashers forum has enough traffic to warrant a moderator. Certainly, if fans of other teams start posting here, and moderators become necessary, then I will leave it up to each
individual community to choose moderators for themselves.

Poster, why do you do this?
It started as a way for me to learn a new scripting language. When Fanhome borked their software and the Thrasher community was put off by Fanhome's admins, I offered up this place as an alternative to Fanhome (Now TheInsiders.)

Explain this whole Purple Polar Bear thing to me.
Purple Polar Bear can not be explained, only experienced.


So-and-so offended me. Who do I complain to?
Screamin' Jen is probably your best bet if you really feel you need someone to step in and mediate, although the forum is largely self-policed. This is the Internet. People say things to people here that they wouldn't say in person. Don't take it so personally, you'll probably never meet these people if you choose not to, and the chances of them ever holding any direct sway over your life are virtually nonexistent.

How do I get a nifty custom title? I'm tired of being a "Third Line Grinder"!
Meh. In most cases, just ask, though if you amuse or irritate me, that's a quick way to get one as well.

Why is everyone here so mean?
Most likely, you're an idiot. There are 300 some-odd users here, some of which have known each other for years. There are unwritten rules, and unspoken agreements about what is ok to joke around about and
what isn't. Just like you don't want me calling your sister a bitch even though you are "allowed" to, don't expect to joke with someone as if you've known them for years when you haven't. Just use common sense. I have yet to see a case of everyone disliking someone for absolutely no reason. If everyone hates you, you probably deserve it.

There's a thread on the subject here.